American Vardo
Fold-down Gypsy Caravan

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American Vardo Fold- Down Gypsy Caravan(2019)
features a removable top with end panels that fold -down to minimize wind resistance while traveling. The fabric top is now made of a heavy duty vinyl/polyester material that is highly weather resistant . The top can be assembled in several minutes and is held in place by elastomeric cords for a tight weather resistant covering.. When the Vardo is not being used, the top can be folded down and it can be more easily stored.

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Width 81” at bed location, 60” trailer base
Length Body 96”, with overhang 120”
Height 6’8” (floor to roof peak)

Polyester/Vinyl (10 oz, 10’x12’)
Forest Green (Standard)

Windows : front/12" x 12" square or 12"x18" rect


Bed Frame: single, full or queen bed frame

Insulation: aluminized bubble

8ft x 5ft,6ft x 5ft, 8ft x 4ft*

*Compatible with a Harbor Freight DIY trailer

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