Weight ratings

The weight ratings can get complex.  Here is my understanding.  The GMV%R (1500#) is the gross rating for the trailer.  The trailer weighs 380#. The "Load capacity+ for the trailer is 1120#  The caravan itself weighs about 250 -300#. The total weight of the caravan and trailer would be 680#.  This means that you could put 820# in the caravan and not exceed its capacity.  You also need to be concerned about the towing capacity of your vehicle. A Honda Pilot, for example, has a towing capacity of 2000#,  so there should be no problem with a 1500# maximum.

King Arthur and the Vardo


Plan view -New Gypsy Caravan

Floor plan

The Caravan Top

The Caravan Top

The top of the original gypsy vardos was a three layer design, with an inner layer of decorative fabric , a mid or insulation layer, typically made from carpet or felt, and an outer layer of cotton canvas. The new caravan mirrors this design, but uses modern materials which enhances the effectiveness and durability of the top. The new caravan has an inner decorative fabric of any design, but the insulative layer is a “space-age” material called Reflectix®. This material is aluminized “bubble wrap”. The bubbles in the layer reduce conductive losses and the aluminized surfaces help to reduce radiation loss in cold weather and reduce heat gain in hot, sunny weather. The outer layer is made of marine quality polyester canvas, which is water resistant , UV tolerant , high strength, mildew resistant and low weight. The combinations of these materials result sin a dry comfortable environment inside the caravan in hot, cold, dry or wet weather, and promises to continue to do so for many years.

Baltimore Fairey Festival

     Come and see the new caravan at:


May 16, 2015
Church of the Guardian Angel
2629 Huntingdon Rd
Baltimore MD 21211

The Baltimore Faerie Faire celebrates the wonders of the natural world, and all the beings that inhabit it, real and imaginary. We seek to to heal, inspire, nurture, entertain and serve our Baltimore community by creating Wonder in an urban Faerie Festival. We strive to find balance between the concrete and the dirt, the practical and the fantastic. Promoting creativity in costume, crafts, music, dance, art and attitude, Baltimore Faerie Faire seeks to create a welcoming space for young and old, dreamers and doers, artists and patrons of the arts.


Canvas Top Colors

This is a chart showing the color options for the Polyester canvas top for the caravan.
The standard color is "Forest Green" with the others being provided at some additional cost.



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There was an amazing amount of interest in the caravan. Hopefully this will result in having many more New Gypsy caravans on the road , in the woods or in backyards by this Fall. The people at the festival were equally amazing and everyone seemed to be having a great time.the Crab Bowls were delicious. There was not enough time to photograph the fantastic costumes and displays, so here are just a few.17390011IMG_0204IMG_020920270003 (1)17230003

fairey festival II


Fairey Festival

The Drachen Wagen has arrived at the Spoutwood Fairey festival and it will be there with Blue Fire - candles and incense until Sunday May3. Pictures and information are not yet available , so pictures from last year's festival are included on this post. Hope to see you at the festival.IMG_1436IMG_1437IMG_1438IMG_1442IMG_1446IMG_1473IMG_1487IMG_1493