A Syracuse woman ges her Gypsy Dream

Glamping like a pro: Syracuse friends build luxury camper for ...
4 days ago ... Glamping with a bowtop caravan Friends Dan Gardner and Tracey Baum-Wicks created this bowtop "glamper" caravan. Photo by Katrina ...


Micro Vardo

This innovative and exciting 5’x5’ MicroVardo is being offered for 2016 and will have a number of new features. It is designed for the solo sportsman and camper who wants an ultra lightweight maneuverable version of the American Vardo gypsy caravan It is ideal for back country camping, fishing or hunting or cross-country traveling. The MicroVardo sits on a 6’x5’trailer and is 74” wide at the bed level. Screened opening front and rear windows will be standard with this design In addition it will have the optional countertop with additional storage. Unbreakable polycarbonate side windows all also be offered as well as an ultra lightweight aluminum trailer , and camouflage top. These new features will also be offered in the 8’x5’ and 10’x5’ version of the Vardo.


The New York Faerie Festival

The American Vardo Gypsy caravan will make an appearance, along with Blue Fire Alchemy at the New York Faerie Festival - June 26, 27, 28. Hope to see you there!

Maryland Fairey Festival

The American Vardo Caravan will be at the festiveal, June 13-14, 2015 Hope to see you there!MD_FairieFest_2015_B_W_Printable

8' x 10' Caravan

A larger "New Gypsy Caravan is in the process of being designed and developed. This caravan will will have a trailer base or 5' x10' and have an overall size of 6'4" x11;6". Although still light weight, t may require a larger vehicle to tow it than the original 5'x 8' caravan. It will be able to readily accommodate two adults and two children and several alternative sleeping arrangement s will be made available. The added two feet in the living area will make it possible to easily add additional accessories such as a sink, refrigerator and add cabinetry as well as seating for at least four people. The cost is expected to be about 25% greater than the original caravan.

8 x 10 plan