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Live the Gypsy dream with your own Gypsy Caravan. The caravan is the original “Tiny House” and it may be used as a camper, an office, a studio, extra bedroom, a child’s playhouse or whatever use your imagination dictates.

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Handcrafted custom Gypsy Caravans are designed and built by American Vardo. Two different types of Various are available : Fixed Roof and Fold-Down. The Fixed Roof version is the original design, in which the roof canvas is permanently attached to the Vardo frame. These are available in two sizes( 8x5 and 10x5) Both sizes are available in a Bare Bones versions which are typically unpainted .

Separate sleeping and living area
Insulated roof and sides
High strength adhesive bonded

Can be towed by small vehicle
Built-in seating
Spacious under-bed storage

American Vardo Book

The book for the original American Vardo caravan, which features a simplified design for a caravan originally intended for camping. This design requires a minimum of tools and an intermediate skill level for building the caravan. Full sized templates are available to aid construction.

It is available through Amazon and Lulu

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Walt and Sharri get their new Vardo.

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Dan Gardner and Tracey Baum-Wicks created this bowtop “glamper” caravan. Photo by Karina

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American Vardo
Hand Crafted Gypsy Caravans

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