Live the Gypsy dream with your own Gypsy Caravan. The caravan is the original “Tiny House” and it may be used as a camper, an office, a studio, extra bedroom, a child’s playhouse or whatever use your imagination dictates.

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Handcrafted custom Gypsy Caravans are designed and built by American Vardo.The Caravans may be purchased in three sizes (5x5, 8x5 and 10x5),, which are designed to accommodate a variety of individual needs.
Separate sleeping and living area
Insulated roof and sides
Marine quality roof covering
High strength adhesive bonded
No set-up required
Can be towed by small vehicle
Built-in seating
Spacious under-bed storage

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The Bedroom


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Red Vardo


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Show Vardo


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Under Constrction


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Interior Blu Vardo


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Jeweled Ceiling


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The Gold Caravan


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Blu Vardo


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Sink and counter


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American Vardo Books and Plans

Books and Plans
The books and plans are for the original American Vardo caravan, which features a simplified design for a caravan originally intended for camping. This design requires a minimum of tools and an intermediate skill level for building the caravan. Full sized templates are available to aid construction.

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New Vardos
Bare Bones Vardo - An economical alternative .
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A new “Bare Bones” Vardo is ready to get on the road. Click on the photo for more information.
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Walt and Sharri get their new Vardo.

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Dan Gardner and Tracey Baum-Wicks created this bowtop “glamper” caravan. Photo by Karina

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Jen and Ed with their new 10’ trailer


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This innovative and exciting 5’x5’ MicroVardo is being offered for 2016 and will have a number of new features. It is designed for the solo sportsman camper who wants an ultra lightweight maneuverable version of the American Vardo, gypsy caravan It is ideal for back country camping, fishing or hunting or cross-country traveling. The MicroVardo sits on a 6’x5’trailer and is 74” wide at the bed level. Screened opening front and rear windows will be standard with this design In addition it will have the optional countertop with additional storage. Unbreakable polycarbonate side windows all also be offered as well as an ultra lightweight aluminum trailer, and camouflage top. Many of these features will also be offered in the 8’x5’ and 10’x5’ version of the Vardo.

The video was produced by WTPA Channel 27 for the show “Out and About”.

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