Live the Gypsy Dream

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Welcome to American Vardo!
There are a number of pathways that we can help you to “Live the Gypsy Dream.”
The first is having your own Gypsy Caravan. We design and handcraft light-weight Gypsy Caravans for camping and personal recreation.
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A new caravan ready for delivery . It has a fresh coat of white primer ready for its final decoration.
A book and plans are available for the experienced DIY’er or Maker who would like to build their own caravan. Full scale templates are also available to aid in the building process. Click on the button for more information. This caravan features a double hung door window and a door vent for exceptional ventilation.
Pictures of caravans from around the world are available on the “Vardo Gallery” page. The “Vardo Video” a TV presentation that highlights the caravan and its designer.
The video was produced by WTPA News for the show “Out and About “ 8/20/2012.
“Gypsy Recipes” will can add to the experience of “Living the Gypsy Dream” New recipes for authentic Gypsy food will be added .
Keep up to date with new developments at American Vardo including festivals, design and product information.